Openchat should make a mobile APP, and push the group chat information settings to the main interface of the mobile phone

The number of active people on openchat has dropped significantly since SNS. I have observed that the reason is that there is no information push from mobile phones, and the content of group chats cannot be pushed to users in a timely manner, resulting in unreliable usage habits. No matter how rich the functions are, no one uses them. After a long time, people will forget about this application. In addition, the project party rarely sees application updates after receiving funding. I feel that most of the subsequent projects will be like this. After receiving funding, they will no longer be so active. I hope that SNS projects will be strictly screened. At least be as impeccable as dscvr1, otherwise the SNS launch version will only affect the image of ICP!

Notifications do work on OpenChat on mobile devices but only if you save the OpenChat website to your home page, doing so makes it almost identical to a native app.
We will make this much clearer though because many users don’t realise this and so think that notifications simply don’t work.
Also we have some big features in the pipeline which we think will massively drive user numbers, most notably ‘Communities’ and ‘Integrations’.
We believe OpenChat has an extremely bright future and we’re just getting started!


Where can I find more information about communities and integrations?

Very interested in both.

Web apps will never been as popular as true mobile apps even if you can add it to the home screen. They didn’t fee as fluid.

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