OpenChat Grant and Bounty Proposal

Vote to open Grant and bounty, to determine the approximate(including but not limited to) classification and form , etc.

The recent launch of the OpenChat community has ushered in a wealth of opportunities for technological innovation and expansion. Operating on the Internet Computer blockchain, OpenChat is more than just a communication platform; it’s a potential springboard for technological progress. So It’s time to delve into the viability of putting forth OpenChat Grant-Bounty suggestions, with a spotlight on pivotal themes including but not limited to the OpenChat bots , extensions or mini programs markets, the strengthening of CHAT tokens, DEFI, NFT, AI ,IOT and so on

Objective:The project’s goal or roadmap
Budget Constraints: The proposal could outline the budget required for each initiative.
Viability/Technological Challenges: Some may require advanced technological expertise.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring privacy and security
Community Engagement: Ensuring that the community is involved and supportive of the initiatives.

This proposal outlines various grant suggestions(including but not limited to) to enhance the platform’s functionality and user experience.

A. the bots , extensions or mini programs
OpenChat’s structure facilitates the development of bots , extensions or mini programs that can augment user experience and functionality.According to latest Binance Research,Telegram bots have facilitated more than $190M in cumulative trading volume!So this will also attract talent, capital, etc.
A grant suggestion could concentrate on establishing a market for these OpenChat bots, extensions or mini programs. **The market could act as a stage for developers to exhibit their innovations and for users to tailor their OpenChat experience. Given OpenChat’s open-source nature and the escalating interest in personalized digital experiences, the viability of this suggestion is high.

B. Strengthening CHAT Tokens
CHAT tokens, the cornerstone of OpenChat, function as a reward mechanism and a governance tool. A grant could be suggested to devise programs or initiatives that further empower these tokens. This could encompass Listing on CEX ,staking programs, liquidity pools, or even educational campaigns to enlighten users about the value and utility of CHAT tokens. With the growing acknowledgment of tokenomics in the blockchain realm, such a suggestion would be both viable and advantageous.

C. Integration with Other Web2-Web3 Platforms
OpenChat’s functionality on the Internet Computer offers opportunities for further integration with other Web2-Web3 platforms and applications . A grant could be suggested for the creation of transboundary, enabling seamless interaction between OpenChat and other ecosystems. This suggestion is viable considering the interoperable nature of blockchain technology and the escalating demand for cross-chain solutions.

D. AI Integration
AI holds the potential to transform the way we communicate and interact online. A grant suggestion could focus on integrating AI into OpenChat, offering features such as automated moderation, customer service chatbots, or even AI-driven others. Given the swift advancements in AI technology and its increasing application in digital platforms, such a suggestion is highly viable.

E. IoT Integration
There are a number of concerns about the risks in the growth of IoT technologies and products, especially in the areas of privacy and security, so the integration of IoT technologies with OpenChat ` could benefit from each other. IoT devices could interact with the platform, providing real-time data and enhancing user experience,security ,and more. A grant suggestion could focus on developing IoT integrations for OpenChat, creating a more interconnected and dynamic platform.

F. More potential and possibilities

…More needs to be discussed and explored

4.Grant can take many forms(including but not limited to), such as
1, Through our own proposal to apply for grant according to your project’s Quality, Safety, Delivery Schedule, market fit,Roadmap,and more (you not only get consensus, market resources, etc, and OpenChat’s strong community for your support)
2, Grading system, etc.
3, Openchat agent (after a variety of ways to vote, election, etc.) voting and so on.

…More needs to be discussed and explored

5.In conclusion, the inauguration of the OpenChat community provides a fertile landscape for innovation and growth. By concentrating on key areas such as the the OpenChat bots , extensions or mini programs markets, the strengthening of CHAT tokens, blockchain integration, and AI, grant suggestions can propel the platform forward, benefiting both users and the broader ecosystem.

Thank you all so much for your(including Matt and Hamish from OpenChat OpenChat Dev Team) support and participation!It takes all of us to make a proposal better and better!


Pretty cool, I’m excited to see the outcome of building extensions, would be a really cool moment to build an extension then have it adopted through the SNS.


Like say Voicebots?

Glad to see this post. Definitely have some ideas to share.

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I want to login to the OpenChat dapp and be able to see what’s in our DAO’s treasury and current values, what we’re making providing liquidity in pools and other investments, etc in real-time, historical financial spend information and projections for the funds, basic-budget stuff, revenue/sales figures, technical data, cycles burned, etc.
(Edit: I think every SNS Dao should have a centralized dashboard within their apps, illustrating relevant financial metrics, Dao info, etc. A decentralized Dao should have this information readily available to its users and Dao governance holders.)
I think that would be cool if that was on the Dapp, but that’s just my opinion on what some of the grant money should be used for.


Inscriptions have been more or less problematic at BSC \TON\FIL and MORE, is IC ready for the various tests of inscriptions? What kind of (possibilities, potentials, risks and more) will Inscription inspire at IC?

Inscription Integration
OTC and other types of transactions
Profit or more sharing model
Fusion and Communication
MORE AND MORE are updating…