Node not found (was: Install script downloads old version / cannot upgrade)

Hi, I ran through the quickstart steps on a fresh debian (buster) install, and

  1. the install script installs version: dfx 0.5.7 which is odd as a 0.5.9 is available.
  2. when trying to dfx upgrade I get an error: unable to get local issuer certificate"

which looks very similar to:

How do I install latest? or how do I upgrade from 0.5.7 ?

okay, fixed that with setting DFX_VERSION to 0.5.9 manually
DFX_VERSION=0.5.9 sh -ci "$(curl -fsSL"

but on dfx new hello I get:

etching manifest
  Version v0.5.9 installed successfully.
Creating new project "hello"...
CREATE       hello/ (1.14KB)...
CREATE       hello/.gitignore (189B)...
CREATE       hello/dfx.json (464B)...
CREATE       hello/src/hello_assets/assets/sample-asset.txt (24B)...
CREATE       hello/src/hello/ (107B)...
CREATE       hello/webpack.config.js (1.94KB)...
CREATE       hello/package.json (332B)...
CREATE       hello/src/hello_assets/public/index.js (137B)...
⠁ Installing node dependencies...
An error occured:
    Os {
        code: 2,
        kind: NotFound,
        message: "No such file or directory",

however nodejs is installed:

node --version

Okay, fixed that by apt install npm

(self-help works :wink: sorry for the forum spam.


nice investigation :slight_smile: and no worries, this is in no way spam!

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Nicely done. And these things help others, so don’t worry!
Please be aware though that 0.5.9 is mostly an internal build, so do enjoy, but things might break a little!

Hi Ori, good to know, which version should I use then? (0.5.7 is broken)


V0.5.7 was pretty stable, is it anything deal-breaking there? If not I’d use that just for the moment.

see the post I linked to earlier, 0.5.7 fails with an
unable to get local issuer certificate error

something with an openssl lib incorrectly referenced, IIRC.
it’s fixed in 0.5.9 but it means 0.5.7 is effectively unusable (on debian and arch) .

Ah I thought you just had trouble with dfx upgrade. Ok keep using 0.5.9 by all means, if you find issues you can still report them of course and a new version isn’t too far away now anyway.