NNS Updates Nov 27, 2023

The NNS Team submitted the following proposals on 2023-11-27. DFINITY plans to vote on this proposal the following Thursday 2023-11-30.

Update Post Incident

With the rollback + hotfix executed last week, this release will be re-releasing the previous features but with bug fixes to harden NNS Governance’s heartbeat message.

Proposals to be Submitted


## Proposal to Upgrade the Governance Canister
### Proposer: DFINITY Foundation
### Git Hash: 44a5a63b03b7aa2791e5b45abfa6a709abe5c831
### New Wasm Hash: f680e1e7a178ed660e2fa4edf11306cf41b6eecbfe0d99b009ea2575f482ce27
### Target canister: rrkah-fqaaa-aaaaa-aaaaq-cai
## Features
- Re-release of previous features that were rolled back with proposal https://dashboard.internetcomputer.org/proposal/126040
- Follow up work on migration of inactive neurons into stable storage.
- Some chores.
- Hardening resilience of heartbeat tasks including processing of proposals and distributing node provider rewards
## Release Notes
$ git log --format="%C(auto) %h %s" 58944c61835a3c49fcf822997f0953ae1882caab..44a5a63b03b7aa2791e5b45abfa6a709abe5c831 --  ./rs/nns/governance
 44a5a63b03 Merge branch 'process-proposals-dummy-canister-call-daniel-wong' into 'master'
 2369205ec9 fix: Make sure that process_proposals commits by adding a dummy canister call right after.
 4d77e846cb chore: Add comments related to neuron access
 9852fcfb97 fix: NNS1-2747 Commit node provider rewards minting result right after minting
 08482a6a2a fix: Avoid calling with_neuron during validation
 830feb6580 chore: upgrade prost to 0.12 and tonic to 0.10
 4471390d44 chore(NF): Improve error reporting in `NeuronsFundSnapshot::diff`
 8be8e90453 NNS1-2628: MergeMaturity returns an error
 187fe4dc37 fix: nns: governance: remove newlines from warning log message
 d0d02d41a8 build: fix few build dependencies
 4b4040c7db feat: NNS1-2416 Read inactive neuron from stable memory as source of truth
 f580d6de81 Merge branch 'jason/NNS1-2416-4' into 'master'
 13e7d5e324 feat: NNS1-2614 Let stable neuron store return NeuronStoreError
 5ae303770f chore: bump rust to 1.73
 9c26d52b5e feat: NNS1-2719 Change NeuronDataValidator to only validate inactive status
 0d9ae39486 feat: NNS1-2416 Clean up code related to copying inactive neuron assuming migration status is SUCCEEDED
 89ee77e2f7 Merge branch 'jason/NNS1-2416-1' into 'master'
 629454b694 feat: NNS1-2416 Clean up is_copy_inactive_neurons_to_stable_memory_enabled assuming copying is done
 db4e2edd35 feat(nns-root): NNS1-2690: Exposed various *_nns_canister methods of NNS root.
 bd9d7dd5dc chore: Update precondition check for update_neuron
 bc127c5b09 chore: NNS1-2705 Clean up use_neuron_stable_indexes

## Wasm Verification
Verify that the hash of the gzipped WASM matches the proposed hash.
git fetch
git checkout 44a5a63b03b7aa2791e5b45abfa6a709abe5c831
./gitlab-ci/container/build-ic.sh -c
sha256sum ./artifacts/canisters/governance-canister.wasm.gz
## Current Version
- Current Git Hash: 58944c61835a3c49fcf822997f0953ae1882caab
- Current Wasm Hash: 3eadce8399b6bc9450bfb8bb54adefc1e27b2564146684d4c6d41a62c4110b73
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