NNS Proposal Type

As I understand submitting a proposal on the NNS by my diagram.

My concern is the parameters, where as I understand it: if I submit a proposal with a heading that appears normal but I add parameters that can be harmful and as many neuron owners don’t understand code will just vote 2 ways:

1 Look at what everyone is voting on
2 Delegate voting

When I go on the NNS and check for anything that I can vote on I find, like this morning there were several proposal to vote on and not much time left to vote as the Adopt or Reject scale looks nearly completed and I rush to make my vote and as there was 5 proposal, I rush more.

I don’t feel good about voting and my concern is that I don’t know if the new proposal if successful with harmful code is added to the NNS for update or is there a person who checks that the parameters for updating are not spam or harmful.

I find I am called names for not personally voting, like if you are a follower and find forum discussion about taking away rewards from those who follow yet I don’t understand or care about certain proposal about adding network data centres and whenever I see a proposal with that sort of heading I will Accept that proposal anyway.

This is a concern that while and so far those headings have been legit but I am concern that I will in my rush for rewards to vote on a harmful proposal that was meant to look genuine and will be updated to the NNS autonomously.

Are there any check before updating the NNS after a Accepted vote?