NNS dapp new login screen 👨‍🎨

Hey everybody :wave:

A new version of NNS-dapp has been proposed on mainnet (reference) which introduces a new polished login screen :man_artist:. Like it?

Beside developing more features, we are also commited to improve the user experience of NNS-dapp. Most recently, a all improvement of the experience related of the voting screen was notably proposed (post). Beside the UX itself, we also want to improve the UI, the design. So here are some information about what’s going on currently (so far I know :wink:).

  • few weeks ago Dom started a contest (on Twitter) to call designer of the community to suggest ideas for II. As a result, the foundation actually also received many slick suggestions of design for NNS-dapp. Processing the contest results is going on (as far as I know) and therefore we can expect that in the future the UI of NNS-dapp will become some love (rather soon than late I understand but no commitment in this post)

  • the foundation has recently opened an additional position to join the designer team, notably to help style the dapps. cannot disclose anything but there will be some reinforcement :muscle:

  • while we have polished the login screen of NNS-dapp, we think there still a bit of lack of information about what’s NNS-dapp, to bring more people using it. e.g. if my mother land on the sign-in screen directly, not sure she gets what it’s all about. on the contrary, we also think that adding lots information on the login screen is disturbing for those who often use it. That’s why there is currently some work going on to add interesting and convincing information on the Internet Computer website itself. Think “landing page”.. That’s a landing page about NNS-dapp has been added to the Internet Computer website :point_right: Network Nervous System (NNS) | Internet Computer Home

  • currently we cannot share direct link to the proposals - public content - of NNS-dapp. I mean we can but, the one who gets the link, should sign-in to open it, which is a bit inconvenient. That’s why we are planing to propose a change in the application to not have to sign-in up front but to have login features when needed. In other words: make reading the proposals’ public information public.

Let me know if you have any questions or observations!

Of course the new login screen is available in dark or light mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are these redesigns being considered?


Are these redesigns being considered?



very good job, looks very very good

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UPDATE: the landing page I mention in my post as being “in work” is actually now live :rocket:

:point_right: https://internetcomputer.org/nns/

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Good job! When Token and NFT support? I want to use NNS not third party wallets…

Not sure about the NFT but for the token part, assuming you are speaking about the Sns, this is the plan (post).

Thanks for bringing this up as I was going to ask myself.

Hope you guys implement that design, seriously.

I’m having issue login to the new NNS Dapp . its has been loading for half hour now. can someone please advise

You can update your iOS system and the browsers to the latest version and try again.

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Some more details would be helpful. Like which device, what OS, which browser, what browser version, what issue do you get - i.e. screenshots of the problem, where are you stuck etc.

You can also reach out the support https://support.dfinity.org/hc/en-us