New Node Provider Proposals

Wow glad to see you guys are becoming a node providers.

When will the ledger device support SNS tokens?

Hi @dfisher thank you, we’re really happy to keep contributing more into IC community. As per SNS support we have already developed this and it was reviewed by Ledger Support for SNS, NNS and ICRC by ftheirs · Pull Request #16 · LedgerHQ/app-icp · GitHub

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Dear all, just a quick note that the Node Proposal proposal for Zondax ( Proposal: 112706 - IC Dashboard ) has been approved as well as the DC proposal for zh9 Proposal: 112964 - IC Dashboard ). The proposal for zh8 Proposal: 112963 - IC Dashboard ) has been rejected as the zh8 Data Center in Zurich is the same as the current zh5 Data Center in Zurich, so a new proposal will be submitted by Zondax to link their new nodes to the zh5 Data Center. Will keep you informed when this proposal is submitted.

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Hi everyone,

based on the feedback from @SvenF we (Zondax) have just published a new proposal in zh5


Dear all,

My name is Karel Frank and I would like to proceed with the process to register as a Node Provider. I will start with 6 nodes in South Africa, 6 nodes in Australia and 6 nodes in New Zealand. I am an independent individual and had been supporting the project since 2017. I want to see IC nodes all over the world, and it would be a privilege to be the first node provider in the southern hemisphere.

I have submitted Proposal: 115658 to add my NODE_PROVIDER_PRINCIPAL as node provider. Proposals to add the specific data centres that I will use will be submitted in the near future.

My self-declaration documents are available at Karel Frank - Internet Computer Wiki

Special thanks to @SvenF for support and guidance through this process and for reviewing the draft Node Provider Proposals.

Please let me know if there are any questions and I am looking forward to your voting support to adopt this proposal.

Karel Frank


This is a proposal to become a node provider on Internet Computer.
Company Name: Pindar Technology Limited
Company Location: HongKong
Intended Number of Nodes to be provided: 8

Proof of Company Registration: go to Pindar Technology Limited and search “Pindar Technology” in keywords for the official company registration documents.

To provide more decentralization to the network, we propose becoming a node provider on the IC network.


Thanks @MillionMiles for this information.

All, this refers to the proposal Proposal: 116679 - IC Dashboard that is open for voting. It replaces the previous proposal (Proposal: 116444 - IC Dashboard) that did not include the link to the self-declaration that is published on the Internet Computer wiki.


Hi Sven,

Is the current plan still to get the nodes in subnets (~560) to equal the total nodes (~1,000) by the end of the year?

Hi @dfisher, the plan is to slowly increase the number of subnets in parallel to the growth of the use of the IC. There would still be nodes needed to replace existing nodes in a subnet when a node is in maintenance of unhealthy, but that would be a lower percentage.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Lukas Helebrandt and I have just submitted Proposal: 119112 - IC Dashboard to become a Node Provider.

My self-declaration document and company registration document, together with a link to the chamber of commerce website where the identity can be verified, are on Lukas Helebrandt - Internet Computer Wiki . sha256 hashes of the pdf files are included in the proposal.

My company is registered in Austria, but I have spent the last 12 years mostly in China and Thailand in various DevOps and SRE roles. I’ve been watching the Internet Computer for quite a while, and the call to expand the nodes network in Asia has resonated with me. I plan to start with several nodes in Thailand, and then either increase the number of nodes there, or continue with more nodes in Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines. Proposals to add data centers will follow.

Just like above, big thanks to @SvenF for reviewing the draft Node Provider Proposals.

Any questions can be answered here. I am looking forward to your voting support to adopt this proposal, and can’t wait to have the first canisters running!

Lukas Helebrandt


If we register a Hong Kong node, do we have to use a Hong Kong company for Self-declaration?

Hi @TonyF, thanks for your question! You do not need a Hong Kong company, but you do require an entity with a self-declaration that the community can validate.


Hello IC people,

Icaria Systems is a new Australian company created specifically to be an IC Node Provider in our region. Our intention is to become a significant provider of node machine infrastructure using Tier 3&4 rated data centres across Australia and New Zealand. We will start with a deployment of 10+ replica nodes in the city of Melbourne, Victoria.

Once established we would also be ready to deploy the upcoming API-boundary nodes and HTTP Gateway service nodes to support access to the IC infrastructure network across the Oceania region.

We have over two decades of commercial experience with building and running virtualised x86 Linux server clusters, co-located at data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. There are many high quality data centre colocation options in Australia; we are currently talking with NEXTDC who an independent Australian public company with Tier3+4 data centres across Australia and they utilise undersea cable links to New Zealand, Singapore, San Jose and (via Guam) to Hong Kong and Tokyo for global interconnects.

My discovery of the Internet Computer project was mid last year via many podcasts. Dom’s article in October “Let’s Grow the Internet Computer Network” sounded to me like a call-to-arms to build a small part of this great collective project. Icaria Systems was created to become one of the many node providers upon which the Internet Computer will be built.

So without further a-do, I have submitted this Node Provider Proposal: 119823 and I ask for your vote.

Proposals to add node operator and data centre records will be submitted as soon as colocation agreements have been signed.

With the kind assistance of @SvenF a Node Provider Self-Declaration wiki page including Proof of Identity and Company information has been made available for IC community members to read here: Icaria Systems Pty Ltd

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have either here or @icarus_icp (twitter).



Dear community,

I just submitted Proposal: 120149 - IC Dashboard for Exaion to become a node provider for the Internet Computer. Our identity can be verified on Exaion - Internet Computer Wiki .

Exaion is the the Web3 Subsidiary of EDF, biggest european electricity supplier and producer. We built our infrastructure for Web3 purposes, as protocol validation and RPC nodes hosting. We will start to deploy up to 15 nodes in Normandie, France and will then deploy RPC nodes in South America, Africa and Oceania.

A big thanks too @SvenF for all the support.

I will be happy to answer any of your questions here, looking forward for your support!

Simon Thomas - Exaion


Hi Guys
It’s super nice to see ICP grow big. I stumbled upon it back in 2021 but for some reason, I was not able to invest. And again I did stumble upon it a few days ago. It must have been a journey for everyone! I want to invest a significant amount in being a node provider in Southeast Asia as there is less. I have access to a Tier 3 certified data center with colocation. The plan is to implement a single node first and grow to 5 by the end of the year. I would love to hear any thoughts before I put a lot of my savings on this. I believe in ICP creating the next generation of the internet.


Go for it. $ICP will need many node providers to succeed.


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This is a proposal to become a node provider on Internet Computer.
Company Name: wancloud limited
Company Location: HongKong
Intended Number of Nodes to be provided: 4

Proof of Company Registration: go to and search “wancloud limited” in keywords for the official company registration documents.

Self Declaration signed: File:Wancloud limited Node Provider Self Declaration.pdf

Summary of application materials: User:James Wang - Internet Computer Wiki

To provide more decentralization to the network, we propose becoming a node provider on the IC network.

Hi everyone,

I have just submitted a proposal to add a new datacenter in Brno, Czech Republic, in MasterDC, with which I have long-term good experience: Proposal: 122346 - IC Dashboard

The aim is to validate my setup before starting off with the Thailand project. Central and Eastern Europe is not well covered by IC nodes currently, and the NIX backbone network has excellent peering with networks in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland.


The detailed location of the node machine: 19 Chun Wang St, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Hong Kong