New Node Provider Proposals

Hi @C12 I have asked the moderators to follow up on this.

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Hi @dfisher that’s definitely a topic to be discussed in the future. The complexity will probably be how to set this up in a decentralized way. Do you have any ideas on this?

Dear all,

In order to improve the decentralization network, an optimization model was proposed on the forum (see node diversification part 1 and node diversification part 2) and also approved (see proposal 125367). Given a certain target topology, the model optimizes between node rewards (onboarding of additional new nodes and rewards for existing nodes) and decentralization, calculating the minimum number of additional node machines required in order to achieve specific decentralization targets. The basis for the optimization model is a target IC topology for the next 6 to 12 months that was approved by the community in proposal 125549 on 12th November 2023. This model sets targets for the number of Gen1 nodes and Gen2 nodes per subnet, and the decentralization coefficients (Nakamato coefficients) per subnet.

With the optimization model and target topology, there is an objective tool for the community to validate whether additional node machines add to the decentralization of the IC network, which is reproducible as well by other members in the community.

The Node Provider wiki page has been updated to include the steps for candidate node validation as part of the node onboarding process, and how to include the outcome of the validation process in the Node Operator Record. Please find the detailed description of the validation process on Validation of Candidate Node Machines - Internet Computer Wiki. The node candidate validation will be part of the submission of the Node Operator record, as described on Node Provider Onboarding - Internet Computer Wiki.

As always, please share any additions, updates and comments for discussion on this forum thread and/or wiki pages.


Hi Community!

There are just aboud 24 hrs left for our proposal Proposal: 126110 - ICP Dashboard, to add 10 more nodes in Australia area, plz help us to expand IC network, thanks!

Hi @SvenF
I hope this message finds you well. I have some questions regarding the Version 2.1 Remuneration Model:

  1. About the reduction of coefficient:

    • Once the limit of 50 nodes is exceeded, how much will the coefficient actually be reduced?
  2. For additional nodes coefficient:

    • Will the reduction only be applied to additional nodes? For example, the first 50 nodes will have the initial coefficient, while starting from the 51st node, will the coefficient reduce to a certain level?

Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

Best regards

Hi @origingame thanks for your questions. To give a quick response:

  1. the limit of nodes per node provider is currently 42 (see the forum posts node diversification part 1 and node diversification part 2). So no additional node machines above 42 can be onboarded. In practice this will be much lower as with the optimization tooling (described in the post above) it can be seen that adding only a limited number of node machines per node provider will actually support further decentralization of the IC network.

  2. the reduction coefficient applies to each additional node. See the example on the wiki page on remuneration (Node Provider Remuneration - Internet Computer Wiki): reward for Node 1 2748 XDR, reward for Node 2 is 2693, reward for Node 3 is 2639, and so on.

Hi @SvenF regarding to point 2, does the reduction coefficient apply to each additional node per Generation, or each additional node per Node Provider? for instance, I have 10 GEN1 nodes, if I want to add 1 more GEN2 node, when we calculate rewards for this GEN2 node, is it the 11-th node or 1st node? thx

I think “the reduction coefficient r(np, g ) is applied per (Node Provider + Country) pair” is still valid, right? so N-th node should be calculated per NP per Country.

Thanks All!

AVRVM AG is thrilled to be approved as the newest IC node provider.

We express our sincere appreciation to @Jan, @Christopher, @emilio.canessa, @dieter.sommer, @SvenF, and @diegop for their invaluable support and guidance.

Dear All,

We registered as a Node Provider under ZTLC PTE Ltd. , Planning to add 5-10 nodes in HongKong.

To correct the error in value of NODE_PROVIDER_PRINCIPAL ​​in previous one, we resubmitted a new proposal.Please check it on the dashboard: Proposal: 126144 - ICP Dashboard

ZTLC NP self-declaration documents:

We are extremely grateful to the team for your help and support. We sincerely hope to join ICP.

Best regards,
Olivia@ZTLC PTE Ltd


You should chat to the II team since I believe there’s a lot of work on this topic. Also Dom recently posted about it

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Hi @SvenF , any update on this? The page still does not show my documents at IC/wiki/CarbonTwelve

I would like to begin the Node Provider Onboarding process, but this is currently blocking me.

Best regards,
Marc Johnson

Hi @C12 it’s with the moderators, I sent a follow up.

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Hi @Olivia-xiami thanks for the update. Could I ask you to remove the existing (wrong) NP-principal as well after the new proposal is approved. This should be the same as adding just with remove instead of add.

Dear (candidate) NPs,

To facilitate notifications and/or trouble shooting, please add your contact details to the IC wiki, if you are willing to do so. Please see the necessary link here:

Appreciate your support in improving the communication on any node provider topics.

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Hi Lerak,
Are you able to direct me to the SC1 data center operator? Seeking assistance on a proposal for Brisbane, Australia

Hey @SvenF I hope all is well! Do you know when the moderators may be able to review my documents? I’d like to proceed with node provider onboarding!

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Hi community,
We just re-submit a proposal for adding 10 nodes in Melbourne Australia, Proposal: 126307 - ICP Dashboard, it also includes a link to Validation of Candidate Node Machines graphs before and after the nodes. please help us to increase decentralization of IC network. thx

CC. @SvenF

Hi @C12 I actually checked with the moderators and there were no documents pending approval. There are no documents uploaded to Do you have a link to the specific wiki page that you can share?

@SvenF thanks for the quick reply. When I navigate to my user page (wiki.internetcomputer/wiki/User:CarbonTwelve) the documents are listed there.

However, they are not viewable on the public page (wiki.internetcomputer/wiki/CarbonTwelve). I assumed this was due to the pending approval from moderation?


@SvenF I emailed you from with additional info since I can’t seem to add links or media to forum posts.