New ICP index canister detection time

What is the typical time frame on the mainnet for the new ICP index canister to detect new transactions?

If I execute a transfer, even approximately, how long would it take for this canister to record the transaction and make it available through its end points?

The waiting time for the index canister is calculated here.
For example, if the index canister tries to fetch blocks from the ICP ledger and there has only been a single block that was created since the last time it tried to fetch blocks, then the waiting time for the next fetching of blocks will be 59 seconds. If there is no new block that was created since the last time, the waiting time is 60 seconds (DEFAULT_MAX_WAIT_TIME).

To answer your questions, it depends on how many blocks were created in the previous waiting time frame. The more blocks were created in the previous waiting time the shorter the next waiting time will be.

The maximum you will have to wait for your transaction to be picked up by the ICP index canister is 60 seconds.


Great, thanks for the answer. I’ll add following sentence in the UI or documentation of Juno:

Fetching new transactions and updating the balance may take up to one minute following a transaction.

Is there some general documentation about the Index Canister for custom tokens?

Something that gives a bit more background information about the following

  • What is its purpose exactly?
  • Why does Dfinity recommend setting it up?
  • Are there any immediate use cases on ICP when your transactions are indexed with the Index canister?