Network Nervous System Account vs DFX account

I’ve created a new Internet Identity and recorded my passphrase. I’ve then sent 1 ICP to the address listed in the Network Nervous System dashboard.

I would now like to view this account using the sdk, so I’ve used keysmith to generate my private key based on the passphrase (sans the anchor ID) in the step above and imported via dfx as a new identity. However when I go to view the balance of the account via dfx dfx ledger --network ic balance I get 0.

Is this expected? Are the 2 accounts not the same even though I’ve used the same passphrase?

The accounts are NOT the same. If you notice , under your NNS, you have the ability to create multiple accounts. So the recovery phrase from II gives you access to , well, your internet identity. That identity comes with a default account(“main”) whose keys are different and not known to you.