How to use canDB in Rust?

Hello everyone!.
I am glad to post my first topic.

As a Rust developer, I am learning about developing canister using Rust.
I am going to use NoSQL such as canDB.
But I can’t find any examples about it.
Please help me where I can find solution.

@icme do you have any examples available?

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Sure! Unfortunately, CanDB is not available in Rust, but from the Motoko side, the CanDB documentation is now on-chain and getting started tutorials can be found at tutorial-basics/hello-candb.

CanDB is also available via mops

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Id be happy to help with a Rust integration


Hi, @borovan,
Thank you for your interesting.

Do you have any idea about canDB integration in Rust?
or do you have any example for it?
I will be grateful if you can share your idea/example.

Best Regard.