Named Neuron Proposal:

Hi all, we are making a proposal to make Rakeoff a named neuron, we recently added a feature to the dApp to allow users to change their governance following so we hope you vote to approve this proposal.

Who are we?

We are a small Web3 studio and Dfinity grantees focused on building Rakeoff. Currently, our team consists of two recent graduates, both of whom have experience in software engineering and Web3 development.

What is Rakeoff?

Rakeoff is a user-friendly staking rewards platform on the Internet Computer. In its current state, Rakeoff enables users to stake their ICP and offers them the option to either convert rewards into ckBTC or pool them for a chance to win a no-loss prize pool. Pooling staking rewards allows users to potentially amplify their ICP earnings while preserving their principal stake.

Why do we want to become a named neuron?

Firstly, we aim to contribute to the decentralization of the NNS. Secondly, since Rakeoff enables users to stake their ICP and earn ICP governance rewards, we plan to create a named neuron that all stakers on Rakeoff will follow by default. This approach not only ensures consistent branding throughout the dApp but also simplifies the process for users to understand how their stake influences governance within Rakeoff. We will keep our users informed about any significant proposals or changes to followings through our documentation and dApp.

How will we vote?

The neuron is configured to follow Dfinity, the Internet Computer Association, and Anvil across various topics. However, we may exercise manual voting on matters related to the SNS and network economic changes that could impact Rakeoff. We will keep our users and followers updated accordingly.

Our links:

Rakeoff home page:
Rakeoff application:
Learn more about Rakeoff:
Medium: Rakeoff Labs – Medium
GitHub: Rakeoff Labs · GitHub

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