Named Neuron Proposal: ELNA Ai

Proposal to Register ELNA AI ( neuron as a named neuron
Proposal: 127682 - ICP Dashboard

ELNA AI ( is pioneering decentralized AI agent creation, offering a platform for developers to build AI tools and a marketplace for monetizing these agents. Our vision is to democratize and decentralize AI agent creation, brought to life by a diverse team of developers, scientists, designers, and marketers.

Our platform is accessible at

Purpose behind creating a named neuron?

Our motivation for establishing a named neuron is to contribute to the network and represent the interests of decentralizing AI. We aim to join the bandwagon of other neurons in the ICP ecosystem ensuring our unique perspective on governance and encouraging informed participation.


Do follow us (Neuron id: 4714336137769716208)


Website :
Discord : ELNA
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