Introducing ELNA DEV Neuron

We’re pleased to announce the presence of ELNA DEV Neuron within our community. This motion proposal aims to spread awareness throughout the entire ELNA community about the ELNA DEV Neuron and present it for community-wide voting.

The primary function of this neuron is to initiate and actively participate in the voting process for technical and other significant proposals that contribute to the growth and enhancement of the ELNA ecosystem. Its fundamental goal is to ensure that all its followers consistently receive the voting rewards they deserve.

To Follow ELNA DEV Neuron:

  • Log in to your NNS account at

  • Access “My Neuron Staking” and navigate to “ELNA AI” Nervous System.

  • Choose your neuron you wish to follow, the ** ELNA DEV** Neuron

  • Scroll down and click the “Follow Neurons” button, select it, and opt for “All topics” for following.

  • Simply copy and paste the ELNA DEV Neuron ID: f740c7d50f2378fe11cea65aab54a24be9575a326cf3338c35896f709527e2c2 into the input box, and then click the “Follow Neuron” button.


Everyone should not focus on the same neuron. This will lead to centralized voting, lose the meaning of community, and also bring risks to the treasury. I hope everyone will consider it carefully and be responsible for their own funds and the community.


When are you guys planning to create liquidity?

This is true, Make sure to untick funding proposal while follow dev neuron. But follow on sns upgrades will help them to faster upgradation.

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What @ICdex said is correct.
The reason to follow “dev neuron” is to push the developer updates.

There will be times when we need to push urgent development updates that are better to be updated than be waiting for a 4 days’ voting period.

As @Antony mentioned there is option to untick funding proposal.