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Who are we?

We are from the ICP 8yeargang信仰群 , the number one Chinese language community in Openchat.

We are a group of NFH (Non-Fungible Human) who love ICP, respect diversity, and encourage inward (philosophy) - outward (knowledge) exploration in both directions.

Any member who display their 8-year NNS staking screenshot can become a group administrator, and eventually the community will be completely decentralized.


Love, Link, belong, Inclusion, Dedication, Co-creation


Create value for every ICP 8yeargang

What are we doing?

We are building a spiritual home that truly belongs to the ICP 8 yeargang community, and we believe that

  • Beyond making money, we are more interested in exploration new possibilities on IC;
  • Share the vision of ICP and expand our Chinese language community;
  • Driven by curiosity rather than opportunism.

Where are we going?

ICP 8yeargang is breeding seeds for freedom, the sunlight is fair to all, where these seeds will potentially grow towards an unimaginable shape and size.

Why we want to become a named neuron?

After an 8-year staking, we put our entire trust and enthusiasm on participation of NNS. As the largest Chinese community in OC, it is our responsibility to lead the entire community members to be deeply involved in the daily governance of NNS, specifically we will

  • Make sure NNS proposal is well understood in the Chinese language community, be the bridge between NNS and community.
  • Answers members’ questions.
  • Vote by community representatives to create a consensus community vote
  • Work and communicate with every member to make sure the proposal is best represented.

We believe it is important to be the naming neuron of 8yeargang because we always look at governance issues from both a macro (top-down) and community (bottom-up) perspective. Because of this unique perspective, we hope to gain the acceptance of the IC community and become an important representative force for public participation in NNS governance.

Council member

Openchat account

Voting process

Voting every NNS proposal by create a poll on Openchat, the voting result will be the final decision of our neuron.

Neuron Details

name: 8yeargangDAO
neuron id: 13538714184009896865
Description: We are building a spiritual home that truly belongs to the ICP 8 yeargang community



我们来自Openchat第一大中文社区ICP 8yeargang信仰群,我们是一群热爱IC,尊重差异,鼓励向内(哲学)-向外(求知)的双向探索的NFH(Non-Fungible Human),任何公开自己8年质押证明的成员都可以成为群管理,最终社区将实现完全去中心化管理




为每个ICP 8yeargang创造价值


我们正在建立一个真正属于ICP 8yeargang社区的精神家园,我们认为:


ICP 8yeargang是一片孕育自由和真实种子的土壤,在这里,每一寸阳光都是公平的,这些种子未来成长出的样子我们无法想象



  • 针对每一个NNS提案对所有成员进行宣讲, 成为NNS与社区之间的桥梁。
  • 对于成员的疑问进行解答。
  • 通过社区代表投票最终形成社区投票共识
  • 集合社区的智慧,提出对生态有价值的提案







name: 8yeargangDAO
neuron id: 13538714184009896865
Description: We are building a spiritual home that truly belongs to the ICP 8yeargang community


It’s great to see this initiative. Thank you for your efforts to improve the IC ecosystem. I will vote yes.

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Thanks for your support, we will try our best to do contribution!

8yeargangDAO poster

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