🎉 MSQ Hits The MetaMask Snap Store!

Hello everybody!

After months of hard work, long code reviews and negotiations MSQ Snap finally hits the MetaMask Snaps Store, which officially means MSQ is now in Public Beta 1.0 :tada: :tada: :tada:

Here is a one-minute video explainer of what is MSQ:

For more information, visit our website:

Call For Action

If you’re building a dApp and want to add a proper Login with MetaMask button to it, DM me here or send an email to sasha@msq.tech. I’ll guide you through the integration process (which is super easy, btw). You could also join our Discord and contact me there, if that works better for you.

Also, you can integrate with MSQ without our help. There is a tutorial on how to do that available at our Github.

MetaMask’s user base is ~30M people. Many of them are mobile users and Snaps don’t yet work with mobile MetaMask, but anyways. It is a huge number of people, all of which will be able to access your dApp without installing or setting up any additional software or hardware.

Our Achievements So Far

MSQ’s codebase has been successfully audited by Consensys Diligence. Moreover, for several last weeks its code was reviewed by MetaMask’s team, which is very careful when it comes to letting Snaps into the Store.

We (MSQ team) have secured multiple significant grants to fund this work: one from MetaMask Grants DAO and another from Dfinity Foundation. To receive validation from multiple respected entities was our initial goal. As another proof of our commitment and expertise.

Future Plans

May-June 2024

  • MSQ Pay: We’re introducing an enhanced payment method that supports multiple cryptocurrencies but operates in U.S. dollar equivalents. Sellers can create on-chain invoices in dollars, and buyers can pay in any listed currency at the current exchange rates sourced from ICPCoins dApp. This system simplifies crypto transactions, making them as straightforward as using traditional money.
  • Currency Display: All assets in MSQ will show their value in USD to make it easier for users to understand and use cryptocurrency.

July 2024

  • User Profile and Contacts: Users will have the option to add personal information to their profiles and create a contacts list. This will streamline the process of sending money, allowing users to select recipients from their contacts instead of entering account details manually.

August-September 2024

  • Shops without Shops: Users can set up a dedicated product page linked to their MSQ wallet, similar to a feature offered by Stripe. This allows users to sell products directly through MSQ, enhancing the adoption of cryptocurrency for everyday transactions.

October 2024

  • Crypto Gifts: We are developing a feature that allows users to send cryptocurrency as gifts directly from their MSQ wallet. This can be done within their contacts list or to new users who haven’t joined MSQ yet, using a secure method that involves delivering a cryptographic key pair.


Thanks for reading! Give it a try, let us know what you think and ask anything.

Take care!


This is really exciting! Great work and congrats on the milestone :clap:

Do you know what is the timline for snaps working on mobile?


Thanks a lot on a good word!

Last time I asked it was “we’re making it happen”. So no specific timeline on that.

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Congratulations! :partying_face:

Side note: the design looks cool!

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By the way. If you’re going to integrate with MSQ, let me know so we could mention your logo in our “Friends” section.


This is an amazing product. I just set up a wallet in my metamask. Silky smooth experience, congrats!

Right now my app only uses grandaddy II as an auth option, but I’ll reach you about adding this once I get to the rest.


This sounds pretty amazing, I might even try it out :slight_smile:

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@evanmcfarland @lastmjs thanks a lot!

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Here is a little article about our vision and some additional details about MSQ!

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Things like this make me so happy to see.

My first thought was…man…who is doing this…can it be trusted…I haven’t heard of MSQ…lots of worry and then I look and the author and it is senior.joinu…heh! I know that name!

If we all stick around here long enough we are going to build some awesome stuff!!!

Congrats on getting through all the audits. I can’t wait to try it out. Just having it on Desktop is amazing and if we can get snaps on mobile this will be a rocket ship for the IC.


Thanks a lot Austin!

Yeah, I’ve changed my avatar to this bear my wife drew :smiley:

Yes! Never give up, lads!


Do you want feed back here or somewhere else?

-What is a “mask”? Sound interesting!

  • I got stuck on the payment screen and couldn’t find the close button:

MSQ works very similarly to Internet Identity in terms of privacy. In II we have one separate identity per website and if we want to login to a website with a new identity, we create a new anchor. In MSQ there are no anchors, you just can create and use as many masks for each website you want.

The “Mask” is an identity. A key pair that only exists inside your MetaMask extension. We use that word to hide technical details and also emphasize that it kinda “hides” who you really are from the website you’re interacting with. You can have multiple masks per every website you’ve logged in to.

Yes, feedback here is good. Thanks a lot!

I assume, you’re having this issue because your vertical screen size is not enough. Since it is a desktop app, for now we designed it to be a minimum of 800px vertically. But since it is the first day after realease and you’re already hitting that limit, we should probably fix that. :slight_smile:

Hey @skilesare
The issue should be resolved by now. This popup should render properly on smaller resolutions.

Thanks once again for pointing this one out!

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Good news!

11 projects already replied with interest to our proposal to try integrating MSQ into their dApps.
Obviously, those are spoken agreements, they don’t guarantee success, but we believe this is a decent outcome, considering the release happened only 5 days ago.

By the way, now you can also text us via Telegram: @msqwallet
We also have a Twitter account by the same handle: @msqwallet

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Looks good overall!

  1. You should make it clear that you are creating a new principal to interact with. There does not seem to be to load an existing principal.

  2. You should also make it clear that you see all of your token balances through the MSQ site and not Metamask.


Thanks for the feedback!

How do you think, what is the best way to make this information more visible?

We have UI screenshots in MetaMask Snaps Store. They show very clearly how all of this work.

Our promo video contains similar information, but in action:

And the UI mockups from our landing page also include a little bit of this information:

We could include the video into the landing page, probably.

Can you explicitly mention the “MSQ Dashboard” (or the name of the web interface)?

I’m not quite sure I understand you. Mention where? And what exactly?

Metamask users usually interact only with the Metamask app itself. It should be clear that you can connect Metamask on MSQ and interact with ICP through the MSQ dapp/dashboard/website. However, you are not going to be able to view anything that you see the tokens and balances listed on the MSQ dapp/dashboard/website within the Metamask app itself.

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