Image encoding?

Hi guys,
is there any library or function to encode images to jpg?

  1. to optimise the size
  2. to strip all unwanted code that may be malware injected in the uploaded asset

Same for video encoding: to mp4?

Thanks always

You mean in Motoko? No, and I woudln’t expect anything such “lowlevel” any time soon. If you really want to do such work on a canister, you are probably better of with rust.

Pity :frowning: I am doing my best to integrate to IC but there is an obstacle over the other :sweat_smile: Probably too early to adopt for my knowledge background :frowning_face:

I used Sudograph to create Graphql DB on the fly - super easy. I use Motoko to call the custom functions of the Sudograph, as Motoko is easy to learn and I do my authorisation and filtering controls there. Then I send intercanister call to Sudograph canister to add data in DB. Finally, I use JS for frontend.

This is what I am trying to achieve:

So I have figured out how to get things together with minimal effort (because learning Rust is not an option when time is limited). But my implementation stucks again when it comes to safely converting assets. It is dangerous to allow users to store assets. I need to convert them.

Any help from anyone who knows how to easily implement image and video processing is welcome guys.

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