Motoko Framework

Hello folks!
We are happy to announce that Come As You Are started working on Motoko Framework.

What is Motoko Framework?
Motoko Framework is an open source tool that will contain different existing and new libs, extensions, and tools to speed up the process of development on Motoko.

Why do we need it?
We have already a lot of community delivered open source projects on the Github, our goal is to have everything in one place and make the process of development faster and more effective.

We want to add a lot of useful apps and modules that are already created, even though they are open source on the Github, but we would like to get permission from authors to add those to Motoko Framework, so please, contact us and if you have already delivered something, we will be more than happy to add this to Motoko Framework.

Its a community-driven tool and if you are already working on something or if you feel that there is something that is missing, please, don’t hesitate to contact us, and lets make the process of working with Motoko great!

Your, Come As You Are team

P.S. our contacts:
email: ,
telegram: @aaron_hunt


Looking forward to this!

You’re most probably aware of this already, but just to be sure, there’s GitHub - motoko-unofficial/awesome-motoko: A curated list of Motoko code and resources. which provides a good starting point.

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