Will Motoko be open sourced?


I was searching for a grammar definition (bnf, antlr?) for Motoko language, and the best resource I found was this.

I’ve searched @dfinity GitHub org and couldn’t find the source code for Motoko. Is there a reason why it is closed source?

Will it be open-sourced in the future?


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I believe we are hoping to open source soon.

There is indeed an OCaml Menhir grammar, from which that file you found is derived.

Out of curiosity, can I ask what you are planning to do with it?


Hey thats good news :slight_smile:

It is a fun/hobby idea… :wink:

I was searching for an IntelliJ plugin for Motoko and couldn’t find one.

I’ve got some experience in parser/lexer stuff - thought I’d start creating an IntelliJ plugin for Motoko (and maybe apply to developer grant if I make any progress :sweat_smile: ) Having some sort of a grammar file would come in handy for that :wink:

I also wanna ask, are there any plans for an official IntelliJ plugin for Motoko in the future? (I am aware of the vscode extension)


I believe the VSCode plugin communicates with the language server, so it should be possible to use that with existing things for IntelliJ that support LSP.

langserver.org lists this:


Funny that u listed a repo from ballerina :wink:

I used to work on ballerina-lang compiler team :wink:

I will check it out…

@kritzcreek might be able to help with that.

Thanks for the reply @paulyoung

Just wanna make sure one tiny thing before I commit to this.

I take it there isn’t going to be an official intellij-plugin for motoko from the dfinity team?

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As far as I know, we certainly don’t have anything in the pipeline beyond more LSP support, if that helps.


it helps :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see Mokoto be open-sourced. I will try and work with the grammar in the docs till then + checkout what @paulyoung suggested above.

Thank you.

hey @ethdev1 please, lets us know if you make progress! I use JetBrains for development and would be great to use for Motoko too!

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The very thing I was wondering, I use it too.

Would someone mind giving me the short getting this going in JetBrains?

I suppose it shouldn’t be a problem getting it working in PHP Storm?

… how functional is this compared to using the VS code plugin?


Just to cross-link for you: