Metaviz - a visual project collaboration workspace

Metaviz is a visual tool designed to streamline team collaboration on projects, enabling efficient management of information, processes, and resources within an organization.
This tool visually represents information and incorporates effective mechanisms to handle data overload.

I have been developing them for some time and use them for everyday work on various projects. So far I had a Django/Python based web2 backend now I wanted to create and present a web3 version in an IC canister. Still single-user for now. Here is its test version:

*** NOTE: This is an early testing stage, the canister will be cleaned after some time ***

Why backend on IC?

  • I am convinced that in 5-10 years web2 will be old school, just like the pink websites from the 90’s with green fonts and animated gifs.
  • maintenance-free scaling
  • maintenance-free security
  • login without browser plugin
  • I have plans to go deeper into the IC ecosystem and community and develop the tool in this direction

This is still a very early stage of the tool, there are 5 simple objects available publicly, with which there is not much that can be done yet - I have over 50 objects that I am still working on.

Social links:
Discord: Metaviz

I based the application on Juno, the source code (if anyone wants to put it in their canister):


Of course, I’m biased towards Juno, which is obviously an awesome choice (:wink:), but I have to say I’m impressed by the editor you’ve built. It’s rare to come across a WYSIWYG project where the developers write the frontend without relying on a myriad of dependencies. Congratulations on all the hard work; it works like a charm! :+1:


Thank you :slight_smile:
There is still a lot of work to do, many years of improvements waiting for me.
Juno is very out-of-the box solution, allows to launch a project very quickly without going deep into blockchain architecture.


Playing around with it a little! It’s looking really clean so far!

I’d like to request you start thinking about keyboard controls and accessibility while you’re still in the early stages here. It’ll only get more challenging as the project advances, but it’s important not only for making the project available to more people, but having a coherent screenreader experience and keyboard controls will have benefits to power users and other benefits for structuring and exporting information from the boards down the road


Thank you.
I agree - keyboard is very important. I plan to enable 100% keyboard operation at some point.
At this moment there is one poweruser shortcut actually - holding CMD/CTRL while moving node: duplicates it with connection, which enables make a tree very quickly.