Meaning of threshold and amount in CycleOps

In the default options are:

  • Threshold 1T cycles
  • Amount 3T cycles

Does it mean that it will transfer 3T cycles to a canister under the condition that it is below 1T cycles? If so, the numbers chosen are a bad example. It would be more logical:

  • Threshold 3T cycles
  • Amount 1T cycles

what would keep canister in about 3T-4T range, rather than jump it all the time in 1T-4T range.

This is correct.

Thanks for the feedback on the default threshold! I’ll bring this point up in our next team meeting.

Also, keep in mind that this is a default setting - so you can choose whatever top up rule works for you, and can adjust it again at any time (i.e. if usage & data from the CycleOps dashboard suggests that a higher threshold & top up amount is needed).