Maximize governance proposal weight: Reverse thinking

You mean, the 8-year gang changed the default settings? I never know that, and if I can choose as a 8-year gangster, I like the default settings more. See my another thread: The Declaration of an ICP Hodler

In some sense, the 8-year gang are most related to the long-term interests of ICP, and thus it is reasonable to think as a 8-year gangster.

It’s hard to imagine what the blockchain world would be like if there are not so many enthusiastic bitcoin maximalists, who are somewhat annoying today from the perspective of many non-maximalists.

Likewise, if there are not enough ICP maximalists to support the development of ICP, it will be much harder to imagine the future of ICP.

Anyway, I can understand that being a cynical free-rider is always much easier and safer than being a risk-taking changer. I mean, if you have something to say, you should say it loudly and clearly rather than murmur against the 8-year gang without any details.

I am always happy and ready to change my mind, as long as you can convince me logically.

Of course, if you don’t have time to try to convince me, it will be always good for you to remind me that I might be wrong.

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