Management-Canister on local development environment

I’m wondering how calls to the management-canister can be achieved from a local development environment… Is it, similar to internet identity, necessary to compile and deploy the management-canister locally to use it? Or is the idea to connect to the “real” productive management-canister on IC from local?

Background of the question is that we want to test locally the creation of new canisters from an existing canister…

Any hint is appreciated :slight_smile:

The management canister is a virtual canister - it isn’t really there, the replicas just interpret those calls the right way. Therefore you don’t have to install it. It’s part of the runtime so to speak.

Here’s an example how to use it. Just define the functions you need. Just copy the parts that are relevant to you from the full management canister interface definition

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Great, thank you! We’re using Rust, I’ll try to adopt and try it out asap

In that case you probably want to use these functions