Logo Setting in ICRC-1 Tokens (+ ICRC-2 requirement)

Hi, I have a couple of questions that surfaced while working with an ICRC-1 standard token:

  1. The ICRC-1 standard does not have a function to set a logo. How are other tokens managing this? Is there an external, standardized method for associating tokens with their respective logos?
  2. Do you believe that ICRC-2 features will become a requirement in the future for DeFI dapps?
  1. The standard defines how to serve the logo. How to upload it into your canister and if it can change is an implementation detail. There should be any number of examples out there for doing file uploads in rust/motoko. (Assigned: ICDevs.org - Bounty #45 - File Uploader Pattern - JS, Rust, Motoko - $10k)

  2. Approve is a nice pattern for DeFi because you don’t have to actually move tokens until “something” happens. Right now you have to send your tokens and confirm a deposit with a canister which can make people ‘feel’ like they’ve been rugged or something horrible has happened if something goes wrong. Approve just has less friction. I’d expect many to implement it once it is available.

Thank you for the answer! I will have a further look at the links you shared

Regarding, the ICRC-2’s Approve function, do you have any estimate on when it should be available?

I’ve heard within “weeks” for ICP. It may already be in SNS. A version exists for motoko if you want to roll your own token.

We could certainly use some testing: ICRC-2: Approve and Transfer From by receronp · Pull Request #12 · NatLabs/icrc1 · GitHub