Local version of the internet-identity isn't responding when i try to create a new internet identity anchor

This started out of nowhere. I’m running the internet-identity locally and for whatever reason its not responding when I try to create a new identity anchor. I’ve tried restarting my machine and deleting the repository and re-pulling it from git and its still doing the same thing. This is the screen that its trapping on.

has anyone experienced this? and if so, how’d you resolve this.

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I see, you are not using the development build. This might be related to canister call certification. Could you try with the official dev build (Release release-2022-03-30: Generate custom release notes (#608) · dfinity/internet-identity · GitHub) or by setting the env variable II_FETCH_ROOT_KEY=1 before building locally.

But this is just a guess. Do you have any console output in the browser?

Are you talking about a local deployment or https://identity.ic0.app?

@frederikrothenberger, this is the only console output I get

Yes, this is exactly the root key issue. You have to build Internet Identity using II_FETCH_ROOT_KEY=1 or use the pre-built dev-build from the release page on Github.

so would the build command be like this:

II_FETCH_ROOT_KEY=1 dfx deploy --no-wallet --argument '(null)'

Yes, this is all explained here: internet-identity/HACKING.md at main · dfinity/internet-identity · GitHub

Also, here is an example of how to use the pre-built dev-build: internet-identity/demos/using-dev-build at main · dfinity/internet-identity · GitHub

Perfect. Its up and running now. the II_FETCH_ROOT_KEY=1 dfx deploy --no-wallet --argument '(null)' did the job just fine.

@jzxchiang, you try that command when you deploy and see if it works for you too.

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@frederikrothenberger Thank you, sir!