Local network storage limits?

What does this warning mean Cannot propose block as the locally available validation context is smaller than the parent validation context (locally available=ValidationContext { registry_version: 1, certified_height: 7910, time: Time(1636005708662928000) }?

It’s leading me to now be able to mutate state on local network. Did I hit some storage limit that’s exclusive to local network?

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I’m actually getting the same error, especially when I spam my local IC replica with hundreds of update calls in a couple of seconds.

Interesting. I try to space out the update calls, yet eventually after many updates, it gives that error as well.

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What version of dfx are you running? I was running 0.7.1. It happened especially with --no-artificial-delay, I think.

I was using 0.8.0. I didn’t run it with any flags or anything.