Ledger security device

I’m failing an IQ test getting into any ic0 apps, honestly the documentation & support is really lacking. Is it possible to use your ledger as a security device? Is there a list of what devices you can use? Also why is there no help documentation that springs off the login page, especially given how critical that screen is for all ic0 apps.


I’m not sure if you mean Ledger as in the hardware wallet brand, but If you are having trouble logging on using Internet Identity, maybe this will help you:

Note that a security key isn’t required, but different browser and device combinations (computer os / phones) support different authentication methods, so the options you have available for authentication are hard to describe succinctly. If these instructions don’t help, you can file a Support request from any page in the documentation on the sdk.dfinity.org site.


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We do actually link the documentation in the about page, which you can get to from the landing of the Internet Identity website. Still, I’m a firm believer that any difficulty you experience is our responsibility to address and improve on.

To use a Ledger device, you will need to go to the app store and download the Fido app. Then, when you are prompted for WebAuthn and have your Ledger device plugged in, it will prompt you for your pin and then to click both buttons to approve the request


You’re right, but many of these guides are still being put together.

You can also check ICP.guide. My group members and I are also working on a community FAQs page for newcomers.

Thank you for posting this link for support .

So a ledger device or a yubico key make exploration and creation a lot easier on the internet computer ….
The yubico key was hard for me to figure out but it’s totally doable . But once I did I finally got a few other devices registered and then I was able to get the sdk and create some projects. I have tried both windows and Mac for the sdk but only managed to get the Mac going with it . Windows seems way too complicated . Hope this helps if anyone is reading . If I can do it , u can too .

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I have a question about this - I got it setup but it doesn’t require re-authentication on sending every transaction. Does it not require authentication from the Fido app to send - just to login? Or am I being an idiot somehow?

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With the Fido app, we are able to authenticate your session for 24 hours, or until you clear the browser cache. The NNS app remembers the identity you logged in with so that we don’t need to keep prompting you.

It would be possible to add re-prompting down the road for the particularly security conscious, but based on my understanding of the technology, it shouldn’t be necessary

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Hi Jessica,

Any advice for registering a Yubikey on a phone? Dfinity/NNS aren’t linked with Yubikey so I’m kind of stuck. Is there an app?