Juno <> OpenAI demo

Hey :wave:

I’ve built a demo app that leverages Juno serverless functions to query the OpenAI API from a satellite canister with HTTP outcalls.

You can have fun here :point_right: https://pycrs-xiaaa-aaaal-ab6la-cai.icp0.io

But probably more interesting for the forum, the solution is open source :point_right: GitHub - peterpeterparker/juno-openai: A demo showcasing the integration of OpenAI with Juno.

Ping me for questions!


Vision preview:


Thats cool, but what are the cost factor with the Out Calls needing to take place?

It’s just a demo. I’ve allocated enough cycles to make my showcase happen, but the solution can be improved. If you want to explore it further, you can fork and deploy the repo here: https://github.com/peterpeterparker/juno-openai

What i am saying is that Outcalls are expensive! and they need to start comparing all prices to Amazon if they want to be taken seriously - not comparing to Ethereum etc…

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