Agent-JS v1.0.0 is released!

Today we have released a new version of agent-js with a few minor changes. Most notably however, we’ve decided it is time to declare that the packages in the agent-js monorepo are now stable and production ready, and we commit to following semver going forward.

Enjoy the new 1.0 era!*

-– Dfinity SDK Team

*the 1.0 era will last until we ship a breaking change to any package



Wow 1.0 is here!

What a journey

Would be helpful to update versions of dependencies @dfinity/candid, @dfinity/principal, @dfinity/agent to v1 in these packages: @dfinity/ledger-icp, @dfinity/utils, @dfinity/nns

We generally adopt updates with a slight delay to ensure we do not inherit any issues, especially since NNS dapp is the primary consumer of ic-js. This strategy has proven to be beneficial.

However, regarding agent-js v1.0.1, we may need to advance our schedule and update sooner than usual. I will proceed with preparing upgrade and release afterwards.

Meanwhile, if you wish to, you can use the --force with the npm command.

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Done. A new release of ic-js libraries has been published. It includes a return type changes in @dfinity/sns (therefore the breaking change) and bump agent-js dependencies to v1.0.1.

Library Version Status
@dfinity/ckbtc v2.2.1 Maintained :gear:
@dfinity/cketh v1.0.2 Maintained :gear:
@dfinity/cmc v3.0.2 Maintained :gear:
@dfinity/ic-management v2.2.2 Maintained :gear:
@dfinity/ledger-icp v2.2.1 Maintained :gear:
@dfinity/ledger-icrc v2.1.3 Maintained :gear:
@dfinity/nns v4.0.1 Maintained :gear:
@dfinity/nns-proto v1.0.1 Unchanged️
@dfinity/sns v3.0.0 Breaking Changes :warning:
@dfinity/utils v2.1.2 Maintained :gear: