Issue with deploying to playground

Hello everyone

I’m not able to deploy my app to playground due to failure with internet identity canister, ever since I added login.
I even updated the DFX version (0.20.0) and started dfx as cleaned, but still getting the same error

To fix the original error (not mentioning it here), someone on Discord told me to download II WASM and and to updated my dfx.json but I started getting a different error. After no update there, I have decided to try my luck here

Instruction from Discord

In the field wasm , you can see a link, copy that link paste on your browser. A file will be downloaded. then move it to your project folder. use gunzip internet_identity.wasm.gz . now in the dfx.json file specify the path to your wasm.

App Github Link

command: dfx deploy --network playground

Error: ****Installing code for canister internet_identity, with canister ID v3x57-gaaaa-aaaab-qadmq-cai
Error: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.
Caused by: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.
Failed while trying to install all canisters.
Failed to install wasm module to canister ‘internet_identity’.
install failed
The replica returned an HTTP Error: Http Error: status 413 Payload Too Large, content type “text/plain; charset=utf-8”, content: Request 0x0a63e26c58725531b333f308de265ffeba8189464c4f424d2f51e2fed83b04ac is too large. Message byte size 3131628 is larger than the max allowed 2097152.


“canisters”: {
“icp_app_backend”: {
“main”: “src/icp_app_backend/”,
“type”: “motoko”
“icp_app_frontend”: {
“dependencies”: [
“source”: [
“type”: “assets”,
“workspace”: “icp_app_frontend”
“internet_identity”: {
“type”: “custom”,
“candid”: “”,
“wasm”: “internet_identity_dev.wasm”,
“remote”: {
“id”: {
“ic”: “rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai”
“frontend”: {}
“defaults”: {
“build”: {
“args”: “”,
“packtool”: “mops sources”
“output_env_file”: “.env”,
“version”: 1

As the error message said, the II canister is too large to deploy on the playground. You can deploy it to IC directly without using playground. The canisters deployed in playground will still be able to access your II canister, as it’s all running on the mainnet.

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but I need cycles to deploy to mainnet right ?. I’m not ready for that yet. I have the cycles from the coupon but dont want to use them yet

Change this to:

"remote": {
  "id": {
    "ic": "rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai",
    "playground": "rdmx6-jaaaa-aaaaa-aaadq-cai"

That will prevent DFX from trying to deploy II to the playground and you can use the one that’s already deployed on Mainnet instead.