hosted on the IC

I don’t know if this is recent as I cannot find any posts about it, but it’s really nice to see that the website is hosted on the IC. Shows the seriousness of dfinity, enough to show the seriousness of the project, moving from web2 to web3. Good work DFINITY and all contributing members!


Hi there,

My team worked on this so I can add some context here:

  1. The website was always hosted from both the IC and from Netlify (there was a button on the site that allowed folks to redirect/toggle between the two, but not many people used it).

  2. We recently removed the Netlify option so folks can only see the IC version.

  3. We are working on a blog post to explain how others can do the same. Notice the site has custom domain and also has SEO… so post will explain to folks how to use these IC features (and which come for free).

  4. The intent is to make a louder splash about all these things with the blog post.

Hope that helps!


This is great to hear, Diego. So the entire start site is hosted on IC? It seems so since the IC “loading” appears when first visiting the site. It seems to load faster than I recall other IC dApps loading.


That’s right.

  1. we built a custom service worker that is downloaded from Netlify that allows us to use custom domains as per this tutorial: Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap

  2. The assets and site is all pulled from the IC

  3. once service worker is downloaded on browser, it can serve up content from IC canister

  4. That is the way custom domains are currently served on the IC. There is an ongoing RD project to remove the need for #1: Custom domains for [Community Consideration]

We will publish a blog to explain more but that’s the basics.


Yeah, really amazing to see this:

It seems that it is working smoothly.