Is the network down for anyone else?

This “expected” behavior means that the decentralization of, or even just creation of more Boundary Nodes is one of the most important things DFINITY can focus on in the months to come.

I’ve created a post to voice my concerns and hopefully spur discussion and some solutions - Today's Multi-Continent IC Outage - Are Boundary Nodes the top attack vector for the IC?

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Has this issue been resolved? We’re still experiencing this issue when calling our canisters through the Plug Wallet. We get the “failed to fetch” error. We’re located in the US


this is the announcement from Plugwallet


@martin_DFN1 has posted an incident retrospective here:

Hi, issues here from Europe - cannot access any canisters or for past 8 hours.

Problem goes away for a short time, but for the most part - IC is down for me.

I checked and all worked for me. I wonder if there is some boundary node or last mile problem affecting your experience.

Still having issues?

Thanks for the answer. Last 12+ hours everything worked normally.

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Hey guys, still getting issues unfortunately. It happens intermittently, and sometimes seemingly after I deploy canisters to IC (not sure about this one).

Any ideas?

Hey @velgajski1

I followed up in a DM and will report any findings for everyone back here.