Is the cycles-burned from ic-api v2 accurate?

Is the cycles-burned from the ic-api v2 accurate?

This URL:


  "cycles_burned": [

The notes on the API Page state that the result is “Cycles burned by the Internet Computer. Returned in Trillions”

The reason that I’m questioning the result from the API is that I calculate, based on the 90 day average cycle burn rate on the internet computer dashboard, that around 565 Trillion cycles should be burned per day at current cycle burn rates.

The API result indicates that from the 1st of November to the 2nd of November that 40,266,854 Trillion Cycles have been burned. Is this number meant to be divided by 100,000?

Any other information would be helpful. Thank you.

This API is deprecated and you should not use it. Here is the current API.

You’ll notice that there is no cycles-burned endpoint, and that is because we don’t have accurate data for total cycles burned since Genesis. For this reason, this metric has not appeared on the ICP Dashboard in years.

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