Is my 5-year dream of ICP and DFINITY shattered? Is there still a future? SNS-1 Decentralization Sale questions

What are they doing when the community is doubting their capabilities, the user experience is so poor. Let’s do a last kill mechanism.

By those clowns, yeah the ICPunks* sale.

ICP will rise to the top, thanks to its dedicated and loyal developer community.


Suddenly the amount of negative posts in this forum increases significantly after the main-net launch of bitcoin integration.
Suddenly a few people keep posting the same negative contents across different topics.
In crypto and signaling theory, I guess we are in the right direction.


Loyal to ICP or Loyal to DFINITY? – is the question.

Tech without decentralization or web3 values is a perfect catalyst for Dystopian Nightmare

I don’t get it, how can you guys spend millions on developing a wallet in crypto?


Nothing but do not want this post down.

It’s called psych ops in my field.

This is not the same problem. The punk was an NFT launch, which has been over 100 times already. The SNS 1 launch was something new which meant to reveal issues before real projects start using the SNS. If the actions taken after icpunk launch is any indication, following SNS launches will be much better like it did after icpunk. The UI/UX for the NNS is extremely important. The community has criticized the foundation a ton for not making the NNS user experience better. I was one of them who criticized them a lot. The NNS is probably the top place where new investors go to. So the user experience need to be up to par.

It’s funny. As soon as things start getting better. You got a ton of people start posting bunch of negative crap.

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lol, im sure you dont even know what youre talking about.

you spent millions of usd on your app/software, but you want Dfinity to do the marketing for you?, i really dont get your point, its obvious they have a roadmap, so they should set that aside cause you choose to build on their network? lol.


What specifically do you think the foundation should have done? What is stopping you from building a phantom like wallet?

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It’s because:

  1. Our designers and engineers could easily make $500k a year in compensation doing the same work for any other blockchain protocol, or a big 5 tech company. In a bull market like the one we just had, these numbers are 2-10x higher.
  2. Building on a completely new technology stack like ICP means you have to invent new libraries and tools because the infrastructure is no where near complete. Again you need top talent who is capable of debugging complex architectures with little-to-no documentation, and this becomes even harder if there is not a friendly open source culture.
  3. Maybe 5 years ago a blockchain could get away with a wallet or onboarding experience that is akin to a hackathon project, but not now. Earth Wallet is pretty close to feature parity with Phantom, MetaMask or other which have raised 10-100s of millions and has near feature parity with:
  • ICP, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and easily many more chain support of NFTs, Tokens, dApp connections, send/recieve, import/export, wallet signatures, and NFT marketplace.
  • iOS, Android, and Chrome support
  • In app staking for Ethereum (we moved off IC in January, but would have added this)
  • Biometric authentication
  • Wallet Connect v2
  • QR code scanning to send/receive
  • Flexa integration and upcoming fiat on/off ramps to use it with merchants

This wallet was originally built specifically for the Internet Computer experience, which as you know, has many unique features. We had hoped to be able to highlight these to the rest of the crypto industry, but instead spent most of our interactions with Dfinity having to justify why they should honour a measly $25,000 grant (which was promised to us a year ago) from their supposed $200m community fund. I think the better question is, how can a blockchain have a $223m ‘community fund’ and NOT have a good UX wallet nearly 2 years after launching?


I suggest you look for cheaper developers…

InfinitySwap wallet is perfectly good by the way.


All we can say is godspeed.
Seriously now, if you’re so disappointed with the IC just move on. No need to complain. If you have something constructive to say, do say it, otherwise godspeed.


Good luck to you. It would be a great move.

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Earth wallet is not on par with phantom. I use phantom all the time.

NFID and Astro X are building good UX wallets.


Nothing to say but not wanna see this post to sink…


me too, hope dfinity foundation changes


+1, I’m a new user in ICP and so far I was able to login with my windows pin code to a few ICP dApps which I explored, was surprised how cool is that to avoid dealing with a browser extension login every day and instead use the device fingerprint, it’s really neat. Just my 2 cents as a new user.