Is it possible to sync state of replicas with another machine?

Hello Dears,

I want to use more than one machine to run dfx with the same dfx.json, so is it possible to sync the state between them?

If you are asking about synchronizing the state of local replicas, the answer is no.

As for mainnet, after you deploy to mainnet, there will be a file called canister_ids.json in the same directory as dfx.json. If you keep this file synchronized between the various machines (typically by adding it to source control and managing it like any other source file), and either use the same identity or configure your canisters to be controlled by a different identity per machine, then you’ll be able to deploy to mainnet from more than one machine.


Thank you @ericswanson, Yes I’m asking about synchronizing the state of local replicas to increase the computing power and to do some load balancing