Is Dfinity the only "decentral" site?

I’m curious to know this - I heard of Zeronet, there are others too - how do they all compare? Are they all actually the same thing, or…I’m guessing Not? Which one of these will become an Internet Standard?

Btw, if you make a Dfinity website, do you have to PAY Dfinity in any way?

From my recollection, Zeronet serves static websites using BitTorrent or something, right? …The Internet Computer is conceived as a secure network protocol that allows untrusted data centers to host trusted microservices on behalf of anyone with “cycles”, a monetary unit used to pay for the computation and storage you consume on the Internet Computer. These microservices, or canisters as they are often referred to, can do everything WebAssembly can do, plus more (owing to functionalities provided by the Internet Computer WebAssembly virtual machine. Among many things, this includes serving HTML/CSS/JavaScript to a web browser, and there are many examples of that. If you deploy to the production network, then you need to charge your canister with cycles, which go to the data center providers, not DFINITY, though DFINITY does operate one of the many data centers that make up the Internet Computer.


thanks enzo, that’s a good explanation! :slight_smile: