Is Candid UI down on the new domain?

Hi everyone,

Today have deployed a new canister, and the cli tool is pointing to the new domain (, example:
DFINITY Canister Candid UI

And it gives an error, screenshot:

But if we change the domain to the old one, it works fine:

Could there be any work that still needs to be done on the new domain?


It looks like this canister does not exist at all. Did you accidentally deploy to local and are trying to look up the canister on mainnet?

❯ dfx canister --network ic info ncu37-jyaaa-aaaan-qdqya-cai
Error: Canister ncu37-jyaaa-aaaan-qdqya-cai does not exist.

Just in case, no controllers, no module hash but the dashboard finds it

Yes, but the dashboard caches a lot of info and can be outdated

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Ah my bad,

I deleted it (as it was a used on a bootcamp thing).

But it’s happening on any new canister created. I can in 1h or so do it again, but you can easily reproduce on latest dfx, deploy new canister.

A terça, 9/05/2023, 14:34, Severin via Internet Computer Developer Forum <> escreveu:

Can reproduce with Juno’s console too

Not ok:


(just in case you need another example)


@Severin can you confirm David’s links are enough and that you have all info to look into this matter?

Just confirming.

Thanks for your help.

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I’m not on the relevant team, but they have the link to the above post and will certainly ask for more details if they need it