Invalid opt nat argument: 0

I tried to access this method get_account_transactions() through javascript and my payload is,
here is my code, start is an Opt NAT argument and I passed 0 and I’m not sure about it.

const transactionArg = {
max_results: 100,
account: {
owner: Principal.fromText(process.env.MY_CANISTER),
subaccount: ,
start: 0

try {
const transactions = await ckBtc_Transac_API.get_account_transactions(transactionArg);
console.log(“transactions”, transactions);
} catch (error) {
console.log(“error”, error);

The type is Opt NAT, and if you pass 0 you pass a NAT. You first need to wrap it in the optional type. While I don’t really know Js, I got it to work with [0] instead of 0 in a similar example. Can you try that?

Yeah worked @Severin