Invalid certificate: Signature verification failed

is there limitation on number of actors created on same cansiter in frontend code?
I have below frontend test code to dynamically create actor on same canister to load data

client = await AuthClient.create();

client.login() {


async function loadData(data_id) {
const actorStore = createActor(“b62cx- … -cai”, { agentOptions: { host: host } });
let ret = await actorStore.loadData(data_id);

after client logged in, tried below code
it works perfectly. no error.

but when tried 3 loadData or more

the first 2 loadData are able to get data, however the 3rd LoadData or onwards always got below error

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Invalid certificate: Signature verification failed
at _Certificate.verify (certificate.ts:179:13)
at async _Certificate.create (certificate.ts:149:5)
at async pollForResponse (index.ts:38:16)
at async caller (actor.ts:372:29)
at async loadImage (+layout.svelte:54:12)

Please help. My project could store data in same or different canisters (dynamic created) and it is possible to load mutiple data from same canister.

Interesting - I don’t see anything wrong with the code you’ve shared here or what you’re trying to do

Any advice? i have to use map ( canister id → actor ) to reuse same actor for same cansister id as workaround now.

I mean, that’s a worthwhile practice anyway. This is the first report I’ve heard of this issue though. Would you mind opening an issue? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub