connect2ic/react Bug

When I use connect2ic, the wallet is normally linked to the website, but when I call approve, it tells me Error: Fail to verify certificate

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Will often appear randomly this problem, when I constantly refresh the website or disconnect the wallet will suddenly become better!!

Or what are your similar libraries using

Since connect2ic hasn’t received updates for a year, it might not be the best choice for development. If you’re in need of Internet Identity (II), I suggest considering the @ic-reactor library, which I am currently developing. Feel free to share your entire component, and I’ll assist you in integrating it with @ic-reactor. You might be impressed with the results!

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Within the WG Identity & Authentication we’ve been working on standardizing the dapp ↔ wallet communication.

Some wallets have started implementing these standards and their extensions. And a client library can be found here. Most of this is all work in progress, hopefully in the coming months this is all more finalized and generally available.


Thank you for your reply. I am participating in ICP Grant, and I am limited in time because of this problem. I will switch to your development kit after submitting it for review this time! :grinning:

Thank you for your reply, I don’t know if other people have this kind of problem ~ but I personally find this question very strange! All kinds of phenomena show that my wallet is successfully linked to the website, but it prompts me Error: Fail to verify certificate, and it appears randomly. The solution is always to disconnect the wallet and refresh the website! But this happens with canister, which is a very basic and very frequent use. :disappointed_relieved:

hello @_Eric

Can you share your Client configuration?
I’ve encountered the same problem in the past.

Here is the working configuration that I’m using now:

const client : Client = createClient({
providers: [
new PlugWallet(),
globalProviderConfig: {
dev: false,
host: “”,
autoConnect: false,

connect2ic version: 0.2.0-beta.24

hello @chrab


Here’s my configuration

did you try with the connect2ic version 0.2.0-beta.24?

Does this have UI elements?

No it does not, For now it’s just support Internet Identity as login option.