Introducing Tswaanda - 100% on chain web3 solution connecting farmers to profitable market and financing

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Project Highlights

Tswaanda is innovating the agricultural market by developing a decentralized platform specifically designed for African farmers. Our mission is to simplify listing and selling agricultural products on international markets. By focusing on trade finance and market exposure, we aim to alleviate the common challenges faced by farmers, such as access to profitable markets and credit facilities. Tswaanda is committed to enabling farmers to maximize their earnings, paving the way for enhanced economic stability and growth.

Web3 Advantages

Tswaanda leverages the power of Web3 technology to offer a transparent, secure, and efficient marketplace. Unlike traditional Web2 platforms, our decentralized approach ensures that farmers have full control over their listings and benefit from direct access to a global pool of buyers without intermediaries. This significantly increases their profit margins and improves market exposure.

How It Is Built

The platform is built on the Internet Computer (IC), utilizing Motoko for smart contracts, ensuring a seamless, secure, and user-friendly experience. Our architecture is designed to support scalability, security, and high performance, with a focus on decentralized data storage and blockchain technology to facilitate secure transactions and verifiable records for farmers’ operations.

Internet Computer Superpowers

Utilizing the Internet Computer allows Tswaanda to operate with unprecedented efficiency and security. The IC’s features enable us to offer a marketplace that is not only tamper-proof but also operates at web speed, facilitating instant global transactions and access to market data. This technology underpins our ability to provide farmers with real-time insights and access to financial products.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Our strategy involves collaborating with agricultural co-operatives, leveraging social media and digital marketing to reach farmers, and engaging with financial institutions to integrate credit services. We aim to build a community that supports and uplifts the agricultural sector through education, awareness, and easy access to our platform.

Our go-to-market strategy is significantly bolstered by a strategic partnership with a leading trade settlement company based in Germany. This collaboration is set to transform the way our farmers engage in international trade, providing them with seamless settlement services and financing options. This partnership not only simplifies the trading process but also ensures that our farmers have the financial support needed to engage confidently in global markets, making trade more accessible and efficient.


Tswaanda will generate revenue through nominal transaction fees, trade facilitation fees, premium services for enhanced visibility, and partnerships with financial and logistic service providers. Our focus remains on offering competitive rates to ensure farmers maximize their profits.

Status of the Project

Currently, in the pilot phase, Tswaanda is actively engaging with farmers and buyers to refine our platform, focusing on user experience and the integration of essential services to support our customers’ needs.

Tswaanda has successfully initiated and completed two trades between Benin and Dubai, marking a significant milestone in our operational journey. These initial trades are invaluable learning opportunities, allowing us to gather critical data on the types of transactions, logistical considerations, and potential challenges involved in international agricultural trade. Insights gained from these experiences are being meticulously analyzed. They will be used to enhance our platform, ensuring that we can address and incorporate solutions to any issues encountered, thereby improving our service offering for our users.


Future Plans

Looking ahead, Tswaanda is excited to announce that we plan to roll out our decentralized listing feature fully to farmers by Q1 2025. This significant update will empower our users with enhanced control and transparency over their trading activities. Additionally, given the success and insights gained from our initial trades, we are exploring opportunities beyond agricultural products. We aim to expand into other commodity trades, recognizing the vast potential and demand in various sectors.

We look forward to adding Tswaanda to the SNS. This will help us decentralise our platform further. We are working on sharing more details soon.

These steps are part of our broader strategy to diversify our offerings and continue supporting our users’ growth and success in the global market.