Horrible User Experience

Anyone that has ever invested in a SNS and ended up with 24 neurons, will be familiar with the following problem.

You now need to a) find out the neuron ID of the founding team (major headache), and b) once you have it, you need to manually click into each neuron to add it as a followee.

I have previously complained about step a) but step b) is equally a major user experience nightmare when there are SO many neurons. There should be an easy way to have a one click follow option for all neurons tied to one principleID.

It is completely impractical to assume the general public will be spending 10+ minutes clicking in and out of neurons to add individual followees.

Thanks for considering my suggestions


Hello, can you consider clicking Follow once to represent all categories of voting?

This is what you get with the “All Topics Except Governance and SNS / Neuron Fund” catch all category. There is no need to set a Followee for individual categories. The only exceptions are “Governance” and “SNS/Neuron Fund” since they are not included in the catch all. If you do set a Followee in a specific proposal topic, then your neuron will follow that Followee and will ignore what you have set in the All Topics catch all.

Thank you for your answer.

Hi David, indeed we already discussed a) in this thread https://forum.dfinity.org/t/sns-treasuries-nns-dapp/21863/9?u=peterparker

I believe there is a task in the backlog to conduct a comprehensive review of the UI/UX for the “Followees” feature in NNS. I’ve reported it a few times, and I have to say I personally agree with you and the community that the user experience is not satisfying, but it hasn’t been given priority yet. I assume that the SNS followees should also benefit from the same improvements.

Just like I did for point a), I’ll also share your feedback for point b).


There are probably other tasks that need to be done beforehand. Perhaps different topics for each SNS and also custom topics connected to custom functions. I imagine we would be okay with developers acquiring a lot of voting power for proposals related to upgrading their canisters and less okay with treasury withdrawal, modifying staking parameters, and motion proposals.

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Awesome thank you. Appreciate you acknowledging the concern.

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