Introducing Audionaut - An Internet Computer-powered radio player

Hello IC people :raised_hand:,

Introducing Audionaut: An Internet Computer-powered radio player equipped with a database housing over 41,500+ radio stations worldwide, spanning 215 countries.

Our goal is to have the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date radio station database.

About the project:

I initiated this project a few months ago while in search of a dataset to replicate Byron Becker’s (@icme ) work on the super nova candb demo. Originally, my goal was to learn more about canDB by developing a frontend decentralized application (dapp) for experimenting with a canDB backend canister. Although my initial focus was on creating a simple dapp for basic CRUD operations, my curiosity was piqued when I considered incorporating functionality for playing radio stations. From that point onward, one thing led to another, resulting in the current state of the project. :sunglasses:

Current features:

  • Extensive Radio Database: Navigate through a comprehensive collection of over 41,500+ radio stations, encompassing a diverse range of genres, spanning across continents and representing 215 countries. It provides an extensive exploration of the global music landscape.

  • Personalized Playlists: Craft and curate playlists tailored to your preferences. Your music selection, governed by your preferences, grants you control over your personalized musical universe.

  • Regular Updates: The database and front end dapp undergo continuous refinement, ensuring its dynamic nature to deliver the latest and most current musical compositions from every corner of the expansive sonic universe :rocket:.


  • Database Optimization: Streamlining our database by addressing duplicates and broken links to enhance overall efficiency.

  • Genre Filtering: Introducing a genre-based filtering system, allowing users to navigate and discover stations based on their musical preferences.

  • Social Integration: Enabling social interaction by empowering users to comment on the latest songs or programs associated with each station.

  • Mobile Native App: Currently in Beta as a Proof of Concept, our mobile app enhances accessibility for users on the go.

  • Desktop App (Mac, Linux, Windows): Extending our platform’s reach with dedicated desktop applications for various operating systems.

  • Station & User Stats: Providing detailed statistics for both stations and users, offering insights into usage patterns and preferences.

  • Add AI model for search, think of a promt “Give me Indie radio stations in Europe” or “What are some popular Bossa Nova stations in South America”.


Special acknowledgment to @aletex Alessandro Tezza for investing significant time and effort in elevating the visual appeal of the Audionaut dapp.

Also, thanks to @icme for the invaluable help with canDb indexes and to @aiv for the extensive mobile review and feedback :muscle: .


Your feedback is invaluable. Feel free to share your suggestions on our new Discord channel. We sincerely appreciate your input.



Awesome project, UX, and selection of stations!

Finding a station to listen to is really easy - great job implementing the search indexes w/CanDB on the backend!

Now I know where I’m getting my coding music from :sweat_smile:


Nice work ! Its work really well but i have this on my browsers (chrome and brave) " your connection to this site is not fully secure "
Btw great idea, congrats !


The audio streaming comes directly from each radio station. Some of them have http urls instead of https, that is why we have the warring. The solution, which I’m testing currently, is to create a secure proxy (https) relay from which audionaut should be able to grab the stream.

Thanks for the feedback.

Feel free to hop on our Discord channel if you have more questions or suggestions.

We are also creating genre channels for people to share their favorite stations.

Edit: I just realized we also have links to radio stations websites which again, many are not https. This would be an interesting problem to solve. If anybody has any suggestion I would love to hear it.



Really great project and works smoothly for me!


Thank you for Your feedback !

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Looks exciting! its been awhile since I listened to radio.


This was my case. Despite being a music junkie myself I realized I hadn’t tuned into a proper radio station in ages, sticking to my trusty Spotify and Pandora routine. Blame it on Houston’s ad overload :laughing:. But, since I started diving into the audionaut database, I stumbled upon a lot of independent radio stations around the world almost untouched by commercials. Also, having a DJ spinning tracks that I like without me spending time finding or adding music to playlists is always a plus :sunglasses: .