Introducing AstroX ME, a smart-contract wallet of Web, Android and iOS

Hello everyone, the AstroX team is thrilled to introduce the latest update (Version 1.1.0) on ME Wallet App. This update not only supports multiple standards of tokens on the IC ecosystem, but also provides more possibilities for DApp cooperation with ME wallet. Now let’s take a look at some of the new features:

  • Support multiple standards of tokens, including EXT, DIP, Ledger.

  • Support multiple standards of collectibles, including EXT, DIP, CCC, GIGA.

  • A whole new “Discovery” channel for Events and DApps cooperation, including Yumi, Itoka and more.

We believe that the new version can provide new energy for the IC ecosystem. This helps to create a win-win cooperation with our partners while IC users can experience various ICP DApps in a simpler way.

Meanwhile, these functions are built into the ME Wallet:

  • One account, multiple devices login and management.

  • Biometric authentication to secure your assets and identity.

  • Switching between accounts and recovering from scanning.

  • 2 types of login modes: Global Mode for convenient use and Private Mode for anonymity.

  • DApp interaction and authentication of your identity and wallet, inside webview

Download the Latest ME App now:

Google play:

Apple Store: ‎AstroX ME Wallet on the App Store

About ME Wallet

AstroX’s ME wallet, a multi-chain smart wallet ( powered by advanced cryptography, provides a smooth interactive experience similar to Web2 applications. ME wallet, using biometric technologies including fingerprints and facial recognition instead of existing wallet’s private key management methods, is able to creatively restore wallets on new devices without seed phrases. It supports multiple chains and multiple coins.

As the bridge connecting users and DApps, ME wallet also innovates in the design of authorization mechanism, proposing three authorization login modes with different privacy levels: “ordinary/pseudonymous/anonymous”, so that users can decide whether third-party DApps can track behavioral data in or across apps.

AstroX link:

ME official website:


Medium: AstroX – Medium

Discord: AstroX


This is amazing, congrats on the launch. Taking it for a spin shortly!

Quick question. I did verification through the android app and I can see that the airdrop is still on-going for those who do this via the app. With that being said, how do you know if you’re eligible for the drop since there’s no indication that says you are or not?

Which airdrop event you are talking about?

:point_up_2: the video clip of AstroX ME mobile wallet


The proof of personhood nft, which is shown here

Hello! for POP NFT event if you have some confusion, please come to our Discrod and tell us the details:

That’s great, thanks for the information!

Nice information about the Astrox smart contract wallet of web , android and ios.

Thanks for great information .It help me lots.

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