Introduce Cycle.Express - pay credit cards to get cycles at steep discount!

Developers coming to Web3 have a steep entry barrier, because deploying smart contracts requires the acquisition of cryptocurrencies first. Luckily new Web3 platforms like Juno try to lower this barrier, and one can get started immediately with the tools they are already familiar with (e.g. Javascript). This is partly because Juno is subsidising the initial setup cost for the developers.

Now Cycle.Express goes one step further, a developer can keep their Apps running by topping up canisters with just fiat money. It means developing decentralized Web3 Apps no longer requires any cryptocurrency. How cool is that?!

We welcome all developers to give it a try, especially given that the current price is at a significant discount. Why go through $ to ICP to Cycles, when $ to Cycles is so much easier and cheaper!

We have also open sourced all code at GitHub - cycle-express/cycle-express: Buy cycles with fiat. Thanks to @kpeacock 's Motoko Server, we were able to put together a dynamic web service with ease.

All your feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! For technical questions, you may either post here or open an issue on github, we are happy to follow up. For support questions, please email us directly at


Awesome work!

Worth a PR to GitHub - dfinity/awesome-internet-computer: A curated list of awesome projects and resources relating to the Internet Computer Protocol

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Thanks! Just made a PR. Not sure which category is a better fit though. Please have a look.

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Amazing!! Thank you✨

@cycle_express ,

I just bought $100 worth of cycles through your service, and it worked flawless. Nicely done!

One feedback is that your front page lists how many TCycles I can buy for $1.

It would be good to highlight right there how it compares to buying cycles through the normal route by selling ICP.