How can I see my principal ID from the Internet Identity of each Dapp?

How can I see my principal ID which is generated by the Internet Identity of each Dapp?
Before the UX version upgrade of Internet Identity, we could see the Principal ID on a screen of Internet Identity.
But now, I can’t do that so please give me some advice.

I think only the NNS got a UI upgrade. Do you mean that?

If so, your principal is shown under the “Canisters” tab.

I’m not aware of a central place in Internet Identity that will show you all of the apps you’ve authenticated with and the principals for each.

@nmattia might be able to speak to if either of these are technically possible. There might be privacy concerns or other design decisions that mean it doesn’t/can’t work that way.

@dostro is building so probably has some thoughts on this too :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for replying. Before the recent UX upgrade of Internet Identity, the user principal ID appeared in II screen for each dapp. But now, this screen is removed.

Sorry, I can’t understand where it is. Could you tell me more, please?

If we use a decoder extension, We can know the user principal of the Dapp.
However, I think this is not a good way for every user.
Is there any other way to do it?

I was referring to the “Canisters” tab within the NNS. I thought you might have been referring to that since I couldn’t see any changes to

I see what you mean now though.

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Hi @0xyu5
We removed this information in order to save an additional step when logging in (because it can only be shown after authentication). So currently, it’s no longer visible. We plan on adding the functionality back at some point as a feature in the management view.

Just out of curiosity: why are you interested in this information (since it’s rather technical)?

Best regards


@0xyu5 you’ll be able to see a list of all your principals across all the applications you’ve signed in to from inside your NFID profile. We only have the list of applications right now but can easily add what you need this summer, let me know what that is and we’ll submit a design proposal for your review :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay in replying.

I tried using NFID and thought it is good for user friendly.
I thought it would be good if application name have been displayed in addition to principal.
I was surprised that we will able to login NFID with Google account.
I am looking for your future development!


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