Internet Identity issue: Error: Failed to authenticate request

Lots of reports have been coming in with users getting this error:

Has anyone seen this recently? Has there been changes to ways of using II?

Error: Server returned an error:
  Code: 403 ()
  Body: Failed to authenticate request 0xXXXX due to: Invalid signature: Invalid basic signature: Ed25519 signature could not be verified: public key 

We have had quite a bit of upgrades to our frontend, but I don’t believe anything has touched this code.



Hi @rckprtr

AFAIK, we have not yet heard of this. Could you give some more context? E.g. how to reproduce this error, which platforms and browsers are affected, etc.

There were no recent changes to II regarding signatures.


We are unable to reproduce it all the time, it seems to happen randomly and then consistently for about 30mins to an hour and goes away without any changes on our side. If there have been no recent changes or deployments to II at all, then Im not sure what the issue is. No deployments? No upgrades?


yes it is happening to me. I can only enter if I put a seed sentence.
I use iOS iPhone.

i got it today. i hade some unsolvable problems so i git checked out to some earlier commits(versions .) while doing it i deployed the defx live to see the effect and debug. did it for a couple commits. then i went back to my latest version and deployed it live only to get this error

what brought the error is a program that creates an nft by creating a whole canister and store the imagedata of the nft here. i just reloaded it after 5 min and the error was gone. hpe this helps dfinity