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Dear all,

I was very surprised this morning when it tryed to log in Juno with my internet identity.

First option does not work ( Internet Computer Loading )

Second option work ( Internet Computer Loading )

WTF ? Can anyone explain ?


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Internet Identity is accessible on two domains ( and due to an incident that occurred earlier this year (please refer to Important Community Update on domain being flagged by an anti-spam blocklist).

The incident has been resolved, and canister domains have been migrated as mentioned in the follow-up communication (New canisters will only be accessible through the domain. Existing canisters will be accessible both through and

However, the domain for the Internet Identity was not migrated, remaining until today.

Shortly after the incident, I made Juno public. Since it was unclear which domain would be the official one and since this information was not clearly communicated, I discussed it with the Juno community and we decided to use, considering it to be more future-proof.

When registering an anchor on the Internet Identity, it can work with both domains, but it requires some configuration. That’s why your anchor may work with one method but fail with the other.

The recovery phrase can be used to set up both domains for one anchor, but there may not be much documentation available on this topic.

I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any further questions!

Thank you for giving Juno a try :+1:


Many thanks,

I thought internet identity will be shared between domain name ( I am surprised its not )


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It is share between domains but, not between the domains used by II itself.

For example:

If you go anchor 11111 registered with you can log anywhere - on any dapps - where is used a login method (as said above, I understand it is still the default).

However, if a site, like Juno, uses, it won’t work out the box. You would have to also configure your anchor 11111 to support Once done, once it supports both, you can log on such sites too.

It works also the other way around if you first register and then


You would have to also configure your anchor 11111 to support . Once done, once it supports both, you can log on such sites too.

How can I configure my anchor to support

Long story short, there is no official documentation (was removed my understanding), nor clear statement, about this particular subject from the foundation.

That said, I think that basically you configure your anchor to support as following:

  1. Sign-in

  2. Select “Add a new Passkey”

  3. Copy the URL but, when you paste it in another tab, before hitting enter to confirm it, change the domain within the URL from to That way it will create the new Passkey for the other domain.

  4. Confirm and continue as you would do if you would add any new Passkey.

  5. Not required but, add the end of the process, I suggest to edit the Passkey’s name to add a hint about which domain it corresponds, can be useful.

Let me know if that works out.

But, again, if as OP your goal is to try Juno, it is not a must. At the bottom there is a small link to sign-in with


That workaround makes sense, the WebAuthn spec scopes a credential to the current domain or subdomain. The II canister frontend can only lookup and create the credentials of the current domain.

I don’t see any way this could be resolved from the II dapp, it’s a limitation in the WebAuthn spec (by design).

This does clearly indicate why it’s so important to have a backup configured for your II, if the domain were to be no longer available and has to change to a different domain, you won’t be able to use the WebAuthn credentials anymore on the new domain.

So regarding backups, you can also use that to use your II anchor from on instead of above workaround.

That worked (the alternative link below worked too, I was simply curious :)), thanks a lot!

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Cool! Thanks for the feedback.

Forgot about this thread. If you’re interested, I have now published a tutorial on Juno guiding you through the whole process of how to set up your Internet Identity for as well.


Please I will appreciate if I can get a help, for several days I have tried to use my ID to login and it has not been funny getting thro, please I need to understand what could be the problem please

Explain with more details pls and maybe somebody can help you.

Thank you for your response, the last time I did, some in this forum sent me a phinsing link

Is there a way to share an image of what I am talking about please

You can upload a image in the comment right here. See the “upload” image button i the text field.

When was the “last time” You made these 3 posts so far according to the profile stats.

Upload the image you like to explain and explain in detail if you can. So somebody with expertise can help.

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I have tried the images will not upload