II replica returned an error: 3 "Canister has no update method 'wallet_call'"

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, dfx 0.8.0, II 0.1.0

The Replica returned an error: code 3, message: “Canister rwlgt-iiaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-cai has no update method ‘wallet_call’”

This happens when I’m trying to upgrade, reinstall, install, stop, build or deploy canisters.

Canister rwlgt-iiaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-cai is the internet_identity local canister.

The structure of my workspace is as follow:

  • internet_identity
  • myProject

and I’m running dfx start --clean --background from internet_identity directory (port 8000) + II_ENV=development dfx deploy --no-wallet --argument ‘(null)’.

After that try to do the above commands but throws the error.

Thanks in advance.

Solved!! Stop everything and delete the .dfx directories on both internet_identity and myProject dir and voilà.