II Create New Passkey - Promt to insert security key, but never had a security key

When trying to create a new passkey there is a prompt that shows up from windows security, asking to insert the security key, when not having one and not set security key as a windows login method.
There is no way around this and one cant create a passkey when canceling the pop up.

Any way to get around this? There are several people experienceing the same when trying to create a new passkey for II on the computer or laptop.

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Have you followed the instructions in the tutorial article here? https://identitysupport.dfinity.org/hc/en-us/articles/15429784117396-How-do-I-use-Internet-Identity-to-connect-from-a-new-device-


Sorry, i meant i was trying to create a new Internet Identity, then there is a prompt that shows up from windows security, asking to insert the security key. Others have sayd that they had the same when clocking create new, then their pc or laptop asks them to insert a security key wich they never installed.

Is there a way to avoid this?

I understand that you’re encountering an issue when creating a new passkey due to a Windows Security prompt that requires a security key. This issue seems to be affecting multiple users attempting to create passkeys for II on their computers or laptops.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a direct workaround for this issue at the moment. The prompt seems to be linked to the requirement for using a security key as a Windows login method.

To address this issue, you can try the following:

  1. Check Windows Security Settings: Verify if any security key settings are enabled in Windows Security. Navigate to Windows Security > Settings > Security Devices > Security key. If any security keys are listed, remove them.
  2. Temporarily Disable Windows Hello: As a temporary measure, you can try disabling Windows Hello, which might also disable the prompt for the security key. Go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and disable Windows Hello. Remember to re-enable Windows Hello later.
  3. Contact II Support: If the issue persists, reach out to II’s support team directly. They may have specific troubleshooting steps or workarounds related to creating passkeys on their platform.
  4. Contact Microsoft Support: Additionally, you can contact Microsoft Support to report this issue and inquire about potential solutions. They may have insights into the prompt and provide guidance on how to proceed.

Keep in mind that these are temporary workarounds, and a permanent solution may require an update or patch from Microsoft or II.

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Thanks for the answer.

Wow thats bad. What about all the users that decide to give Internet Computer a try, and then cant create a Internet Identity because of a problem like this?
Ive seen several people on youtube comments claiming they have the same problem and cant create II because of it. This cant be… Either it works or it dont, average users will not go in to the windows security settings or disable windows hello. I wont either.
How can this get mass adoption? Im a big fan and believer in ICP, this feels shabby…

About 6 months ago there was no such problem.
@Ang @dominicwilliams

If you are having trouble with connecting to II, and the tutorials and instructions provided previously are not able to resolve the issue, then feel free to reach out to the dedicated support team via email at support@dfinity.org

The DFINITY support team is ready to help and will do their best to provide you with the information or assistance you need. Don’t hesitate to drop them an email, and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for being an active member of our forum, and we appreciate your engagement!

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@IC_Maximillion i can’t really figure out from your previous messages if you are using “windows hello”?

If not, the following post might be valuable Register with Internet Identity without USB security (using Windows Hello PIN)

What it sounds like is that this is your situation?;

  • you have a internet identity setup with windows hello?
  • you are trying to create a second one which popups the security key pop-up?
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For me:
Not using windows hello, trying to create a second one wich pops up the security key pop-up.

And a hand full of other random people complained about the same problem, and they are trying to set up their first internet identity ever. Wich is strange, because i did not have that problem when trying to set one up for the very first time. It would be bad if they first had to turn off windows hello, or at least there should be a note so that they know what to do. Because they are walking away now, and using some kind of other wallet they dont really want to use…

Thank you for the answer and support.

Afaik you need to ENABLE “Windows hello” to create and / or use an internet identity on Windows (or some other form of biometric / security key authentication)

I already have one and it works and i can use it. But when i try to create a new one the security key pop-up shows up and i am not able to create a new one.

The same thing happens on different browsers & even on a different computer that has no II setup at all.
And a hand full of other random people claimed they had the same problem and are now using some kind of other wallet they dont really want to use because it does not work for them aswell.

Somebody try to create a new II and see what happens and give a honest report back pls. Thx

I tried to add my identity to my Windows 7 based laptop, running google chrome browser and it won’t work, I get prompted for the security key too:

I was going to insert a screenshot here, but it says I can’t, I guess because I’m new.

Not sure what to do about this; why doesn’t it just ask me for my Windows password? My identity works fine on my phone (thumb print) and my Windows 10 desktop (pin code) Is II just not compatible with Windows 7?

Indeed, Windows 7 does not bring “Windows Hello,” which is Microsofts implementation of the web authentication standard. In that sense: yeah, Windows 7 is unfortunately very outdated and does not support contemporary web standards. You should still be able to use Google Chrome with a Yubikey or a Ledger Nano with the FIDO U2F application.

Hmm ok, well I don’t really want to have to use another piece of hardware just to have access to my II, so I guess I will not be able to use that laptop.